Some Innovative Uses Of Your Used Truck Tires

Light trucks are far different from other vehicles. It has been seen over often that the light trucks are taken to hospitals (I mean, garage) for tire changes.
The lighting truck tires are heavy in size because include to bear monstrous burden of trucks along with whatever mounted on them. But sometimes these tiers also go wrong and need professional attention.
All season tires usually have tread life ratings in the 50 to 70,000 mile range. That’s really amazing given that most of these vehicles are quite large and heavy. Consider though that many all terrain, as opposed to all season, tires don’t even come with a mileage rating or warranty in. That may not be because the tires won’t last. It may a little more of a matter among the uncertainty about how these tires will get used or abused.
Racing cars have used this strategy for a long time. Airlines have used this same strategy their very own jets and planes. Even large retailers are beginning offer it to customers. Now you may be saying to yourself, alright already, what is all this about? It is find out about the new rage in car and off road truck tires. That new rage is filling your tires up with nitrogen instead of air.
Usually can pay all of them with your credit card,and you order the as well as kind of tire you actually need via the world broad. Usually your tire dealer in order to be able to locate any tire he might not occur to have in inventory. Some background guidance on no-nonsense are hankook tires good. If you’re purchasing your tires over the internet, you generally won’t be required spend for sales tax, which can amount to quite a tiny bit of savings.
You’ll also want 4×4 truck tires that possess a good quality tread blueprint. This will either make the tire or break it’s. It if has a good design it will experienced the capability to self-clean, which will give better traction and grip. Last of all, remember you have a budget, but high quality tires mean good quality driving on road or off road!
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Rear Tractor Tires Tips

Maintenance of your garden tractor involves many different important aspects that has kept in mind and making absolutely sure that the tractor has the perfect garden tractor tires on it is one of with regards to one. The tires will need to be compatible enough with the work the tractor has to do, then the movement of the tractor will be seriously hampered and there won’t be any point maintaining anything else about it. It is attainable to research the different garden tractor tires you can get today in many techniques. The easiest and the fastest way to do this is to make standby and call time internet.
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First, eliminate the valve from valve stem and then deflate the tire completely. An updated examination of simple tires michelin. You should then crack the bead either having a hammer or drive on the side of the tire as near towards the wheel as is feasible. After breaking the bead, push sidewall down so it is in the depression of the wheel. Pry the bead over the lip of the wheel with some help from two screwdrivers. Consist of process goes with no inner bead.
Kenneth Quinones of this Idiot’s Guide to Understanding North Korea reports that North Korea had 70,000 tractors in 1979, but only enough fuel for 20,000. In 1998 NK was begging the UN for thousands more agricultural vehicles and tires these. But it was in that same year that ended up being estimated that motorized farming had declined 60% over the past svereal years. Oxen had become the mainstay of the field.
Do not forget to conduct a radical research, before making your purchase. Obtaining a local tire shop can be beneficial too, but do not forget to ask discounts. It is possible to negotiate the price, especially if you’re thinking that the price is quite expensive. Purchasing used mud tire has a lot of advantages so just be sure you check out available mud tires for sale.
Some people tend to use tractor tires for sale to be a cheaper alternative in case they have them stored their particular storage shed. This isn’t a good idea unless you know specifically what you accomplish. For example You might get a tire that could be the right size but has a certain composition that makes all the engine work too hard to move wellness unit forward. Receiving sunlight overheat the engine and cause mechanism failure.
The farm gives an inflatable fun area. In here they have giant inflatable slides, barns, tractors, pumpkins lots other objects for the kids to climb through and bounce around in. All the kids were having a good time in here. I wish I could have got off my shoes and joined them too! This is another great spot to deal with to wear off their extra energy sources.
Other good brands in this area include Black and Decker, Oregon, Murray and Arnold. Prices as a whole tend to very between $20 and $60 however for those lawn mower tires that you might pay extra for are usually worth the money due into the increase in, food & wine, education, dating & relationships, crafts & hobbies, beauty, lifestyle, automotive, business, home improvement, landscaping outdoor decorating, trucks, fitness & exercise, gardening, yard equipment, autos, build muscle, health and fitness, weddings, shopping & fashion, seniors, religion & spirituality, pets, parenting, decorating & design, industrial mechanical

Atv Mud Tires – So what exactly Are Your Choices?

Every terrain vehicles or ATV becomes a hottest recreational car in the market these days.
Off road travel is just one activity that you could do with this huge. Some come across in realm of service vehicle, being applied to off road recreation and farms. Eventually, you will need to maintain ATV parts like its tires. All these oil is, can you buy bargain ATV tires? The answer is varied. The majority of tires for ATV are inexpensive. Costs run between 16 dollars up to 60 dollars. The selling price of tires depends near the size that you great need of the car.
But one of essentially the most important parts of any vehicle are the trolley wheels. To be able to a good enjoyable ATV experience, you need to have good quality ATV tires. There are so very many different types of terrains and so therefore, you need tires which usually appropriate for the regarding terrain that you encounter most often. If you live in states like Oregon and Washington where it rains a lot, you’d probably need wet-weather tires or all out snow rims.
Mud flaps are must for mud tires. These flexible pieces of plastic or rubber that are fitted behind the rims. Updates on deciding upon central issues of sts tire. They stop the mud originating from the tires, keeping conversing with people about of the car elegant including the inside in the wheels.
You will acquire a softer type of ride as well as additional ground clearance with a taller tire. Observing get additional stability for hard cornering and at higher speeds with a shorter tire. Lastly, comes the determination in regards into the tread itself. A person’s looking to succeed on a single involving tires, pick a tread that the main promises purpose is for general conditions.
So the strategies which serious are you think you’re? a wonderful tire selection for fun or perhaps critical racer. The knobby tubeless construction is really a fantastic selection because of not merely the mud however, for essential because of any terrain. Each for virtually any ATV as well as it a great replacement tire choice. Bridgestone is actually a name you can rely and also the Mud Hook usually a tire it is possible to love!
There are begin working properly different types of tires, depending exactly what kind of vehicle you are through. ATV owners should get tires made specifically for ATVs. However, factors also many numerous kinds of four wheeler tires. You can come up between mud tires, extra large tires, stock tires, and super mud holders.
Mud tires could be easily distinguished by their large tread pattern. It is an of their most evident characteristics. The tread on the tire is similar to a caterpillar track. And also not allow the tire to loose grip on the soft mud. The design of the treads consists of straight or jagged lines which get a deep grip on the garden soil. On a mud tire, these treads hard thicker than standard tires which make it easier to bore the lawn. This allows them to hold more mud for only a tight grip. And also the chunky motif sinks easily into the mud and clears away quickly, thus maintaining the stability of the car.
Custom built buggies are muscular looking and are often very expensive. But the ATV’s or off-road buggies are apt to give you the best driving experience.atv, automotive, autos, sports, business

Choosing Perfect Garden Tractor Tires

Sometimes one of the most dangerous spot for a child to play is in their backyard. Many parents in order to believe their backyard is really a safe shrine. Without close inspection, it might ‘t be. So before you turn cultivating vegetables loose the particular backyard, here are some things to take a look.
Currently, the American National Mud Racing Organization recognizes six different classes.

These classes are: stock, modified stock, pro stock, pro modified, unlimited/cut tires, and unlimited/paddle auto tires. Each class signifies what changes are allowed to be made on a car and are almost self explanatory depending upon the title. Stock allows for no changes where mainly because the unlimited class lets anything fly, even nitrous oxide.
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Retread tires aren’t something that only compact car drivers can leverage on. Retreads are made within sizes, and they’ll work on both on-road and off-road tires. Whether you’re responsible for getting new light truck tires , tractor tires for sale, or tires for your company’s fleet of 18-wheelers, you are able to save some money by getting retreads.
There are a lot of things which they can use as a container for gardening: wheelbarrows, old buckets, and old cooking pots, anything which hold soil can potentially be use to garden with.
The final most complicated part of a go kart is the braking entire body. Typically the expensive go karts use disc brakes, but a cheap go kart can use a rubbing style brake. If set up properly, a rubbing style brake can last years, as an alternative to days. Most don’t realize the immense loads was needed to actuate a brake. The braking force exerted inside the mechanisms can reach in the thousands of pounds, so a good brake linkage is considered necessary. A simple stick, doesn’t cut it’s.
They a lot cheaper than brand new tires If you should buy a new tire, undertake it ! count on paying in the $100 – and that’s only if the car is miniature. If you drive an SUV or some regarding commercial vehicle (like a delivery truck or an 18-wheeler), and pay several hundred dollars for 1 tire! Provides that associated with money? Luckily, retread tires can save you a ton of money. In fact, you typically find good retreads for around half of what you would pay to secure a brand new tire. The growing options for reasonable bf goodrich mud terrain tires. And, since retreads meet all the same safety standards as those brand new tires, take a look . worry about sacrificing quality for premium!
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Retread Tires – 4 Good Change Your Mind About Them

Years ago, produced by common to see Rubber Tire Gardens on rural farms, at least at my neck of the woods. Car tires were sometimes used to treat this purpose, even so they were easily disposed of when you took your car into to buy new tires. More often, you saw Rubber Tire Gardens produced large tractor added wheels.

Today, with the assortment of tires available on farm tractors, yard tractors and trailers, four wheelers, and so on, there are lots sizes available for the average gardener. While using know-how, you has the capability to learn how to make your own homemade Rubber Tire Landscapes.
But what about synthetic rubbers you say? Can we still be so reliant on tree rubber for our consumer tires, truck tires and tractor tires for sale in this modern age? Well, where do synthetic rubbers are generated by? They are generally produced from by-products of oil. Remember how much it cost to load your gas tank in the example above? Relying on synthetics when crude oil is $88.62 a barrel in 2012 compared to $25.40 a barrel in 20024 will definitely not contribute towards cheaper tires.
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Also if well-built to take an occasional maintenance approach to yard work, a few obvious methods things you can perform at times other of the same year. You know during the lulls in yard work as opposed to working non-stop when the grass is bursting forth in April and your neighbors are knee deep in some misguided spring lawn care regimen.
First delineate shed perimeter to identify the exact location and reduce flaws. Using three 2×3 stakes, trace right angles and triangles to create impression of second perimeter. Attach strings in the triangle to form four-sided perimeter. The strings must cross on the corners of actual perimeter.
Midway through declared Dietrich gave interested in Caselli’s pursuit and settled into second. Ritzman had an unexpected and abrupt encounter with the position. As he backed in the pace a trio of riders completed. He was went by Mike Brown’s 250F that was cranking out more r’s than Tony the Tiger rehearsing his tag line. Other riders on their way up were Husaberg pilot Nathan Woods and Kawasaki’s Justin Soule’. Russell maintained a gap over a veteran 2 class that included series leader Ryan Abbatoye.
First, each individual tire is inspected by a trained professional, and any tire with also a slight issue is disposed of. Then, the good tires get a new layer of tread professionally applied for. After that, each tire is inspected again – as well as any one that has even the slightest deficiency is disposed including.
But with retreads, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get these animals. Instead, retread tires cost about half all the as their brand new counterparts. That way, you can manage to buy them if you need to – instead of taking your chances on those old bald tires. And, on the process, you’ll grow to take advantage involving the other benefits associated with new tires – like better gas mileage, a smoother ride, and a car that looks newer!green, food & wine, education, dating & relationships, crafts & hobbies, beauty, lifestyle, automotive, business, home improvement, landscaping outdoor decorating, trucks, fitness & exercise, gardening, yard equipment, autos, build muscle, health and fitness, weddings, shopping & fashion, seniors, religion & spirituality, pets, parenting, decorating & design, industrial mechanical

Commercial Truck Tires: Tips And Hints

Misalignment of the wheels can cause so many damage to the entire or even. Intelligent tactics for mastercraft tires reviews. This is the reason why wheel alignments should not be shrugged off being a simple matter.
Alignment has to do with the proper positioning of the belts, bolts, levers and all trinkets of the vehicle. If your car goes by a pothole, no matter how small it is, if may misalignment, it can spell trouble to formulate your vehicle. Suspensions could be damaged and the safety of the passengers is at stake as well.
Shipping cost absolutely a factor assume when buying tire online. That’s so easy to do though since you look at shipping price to you before the transaction is placed. It’s a factor in the comparison but it is a cost that’s there available for you to use.
HP offers 600HP to 300HP. Torque ratings up to 1,200 from 2,060 from Mack Camelback Anti-Sway suspension, for a remarkable strength and sturdiness. Filer Cap Mack was a diesel particulate filter. Actuality the air let out all the pollutants are removed.
Trying to find online truck tires for sale is fairly easy. What you need to do when you come onto a quote site is to make sure that you have the exact tire size that you must have. Trying to estimate is only going to provide a tire that doesn’t quite fit on your vehicle, and the objective really be a horrible experience no matter how you slice it. You simply need to think ahead of time and energy on what you need to get done just after which go from right.
One of the pioneer changes in your truck that you should want to do is install a form of cold air intake kit. Air air conditioner filter box, while a smart stock, just enough to feed the engine horsepower in factory settings for snap is designed.
Why has the same price of consumer vehicle tires continued to rise over the countless? In a quick lay-person analysis, it can be summed up by two main factors: Trees and Trade.
A lot of engineers are looking very closely in such a problem for it becomes a major problem to everyone while traveling. It increases the chance for accidents to occur. They study all the aspect of tires from materials active to its weight in order to build bridges and roads which could avoid this problem. These engineers range from private construction companies to government attornies. All of them have one thing as their objective and that will be always to make sure everybody is safe while travelling. Safety on the road also depends on truck companies. They are especially required to utilize top brand tires to ensure its quality. These tires also need regular replacement. To avoid unnecessary accidents while on the road, company truck owners and drivers should make without doubt their tires tend to be good condition before hitting the lane.
When tires on any type of car are mixed, it runs the associated with failure. Tires on any vehicle end up being of the same weight, size, make, tread, and specifically the same tire pressure improve the safety for the truck on the actual. When the tires are not the identical and are mixed, gives the truck a greater associated with failure which is really a safety hazard.recreation and sports, maintenance and repair, autos, cars, automotive, gardening, trucks, arts and entertainment, business

A Corn Cob Tractor Makes for an Unique Craft Project

When you are on the farming industry, you will doubtless wish to set aside a few dollars as a result of rising costs of machine equipment and saving a certain amount can signify further proceeds for you. To effectively diminish the cash spent on tires, you have to do some needed research precisely what tractor tires to splash out on.
This is extremely crucial because obviously you don’tneed tires of improper size or type which your tractors cannot utilize. And asking for replacements or refunds later on is basically a time wasted.
When low traction gets to be a problem for your mower tires you can evaluate the Carlisle Turf Saver Lawn & Garden Tire 11-4.00-4 Ply. this unit has enough grip top take you through even the toughest terrain. The price is due to an affordable $20 vehicle looking for lawn mowers for sale you should be encouraged to buy a set of these as back ups for anyone situations when the terrain around your cutting areas becomes too muddy and rough.
Did you understand that there are so many different types of tires that are usually employed on tractors? Some questions for important issues of suburban tire. Money-making niches tires for the two front and the back of the tractor, industrial tires that a bit more rugged than regular ones, implement tires, specialty tires, and narrow row rims. What kind of tires do you might need?
Tire Recycling – Civic Center, April 27, from 8:00 a.m. to afternoon. Residents may bring up to four car or light-truck tires to be recycled at free. There is a fee of $1 per tire for additional tires. Semi-truck tires are accepted at $10 per tire, and tractor tires purchase are accepted at $25 per tires.
To concretely block foundation, use concrete pillars or concrete slabs. Concrete pillars are elevated on at least 8 concrete piers buried below frontline. In contrast concrete slabs are formed by digging hole and placing plywood and truss beams which will rest on the ground.
Second, you can limit your tire purchases to online tire sales from web-based stores. These are real tire dealers that usually use a large national supplier, but sell a person direct from the warehouse without a storefront to fund and manage. Without the price of having to have a traditional brick-and-mortar store, they save money, and you do too!
Not all with the build-up of weaponry was used for your North Korean soldiers. Much was used to pay African and Middle Eastern nations for oil and raw options. The cash value was something like $700 million in 1998.
They are reliable in any the weather Once your retread tires are on vehicle, you can depend on them most of the weather conditions you would venture out in on new train wheels. So, if you need Delaware tires that can go ahead and take scorching heat of summer or Delaware tires that are equipped for the frigid ice of winter, you’ll be able to retreads. Or, if you want light truck tires that will remain sturdy in the snow, you can count on, food & wine, education, dating & relationships, crafts & hobbies, beauty, lifestyle, automotive, business, home improvement, landscaping outdoor decorating, trucks, fitness & exercise, gardening, yard equipment, autos, build muscle, overall health fitness, weddings, shopping & fashion, seniors, religion & spirituality, pets, parenting, decorating & design, industrial mechanical

Becoming environmentally friendly By Buying Used Truck Tires

Did you conscious truck tires usually are retreaded 5 times or more before they are considered no longer fit for use on U.S. highways? It’s correct. Even the longer-haul 18 wheel over-the-road truck tires are retreaded up to times before they’ve exhausted their useful lives. And this takes a great deal of petroleum to manufacture a standard truck tire, the savings from those retreads alone amounts to just about a half million barrels of crude oil every year. Meet your needs crude oil a value skyrocketing lately, that translates into a significant savings.
What the manufacturers should be most worried about may be the pricing that some dealers give into the gray market stock traders. Pricing that is marked up 50-250% above cost, starts gray market pricing in an artificially high measure.
Or, perhaps you will have a more modern tractor whose tires are the same level. Whatever sort of tractor tires you are looking for, the main thing is to find a tire suited to one’s tractor at a price you can handle.
They quoted outrageous pricing. What you need to know about elementary sailun tires. Usually these traders are to far removed by the actual tire seller to give cheap pricing. If you have to go through 5 people to be able to the owner of the tire, you will never get great expenses.

Now that we’ve got looked at climate which is the bulk of our tire decision we can also look at our driving habits. How are the roads we normally travel on? Are they paved? Do we all do much highway driving? These type of questions are very important in deciding the style of tire we crave. Keep I n mind the suspension of escape is very soft for a sports utility vehicle and with and also this camera street tires the Escape will offer you with a nice ride. The more aggressive you go the more the ride depreciates. So if take the and also evaluate your driving conditions and detect whether you want to move car style tires or if you actually need or want something a little more aggressive like truck tires.
On the other side of the price spectrum, Badlands offers off road truck tires for sale beginning at around fifteen dollars simultaneously. The Pro-Line 114300 Badlands 2.8″ All Terrain off road truck tires are inexpensive, for those situations where you’re in need of a quick fix or just not have the money up front to buy tires that are higher priced. If your vehicle needs tires capable of taking on all terrains, rough as they may be, the Badlands Pro-Line is a good temporary choice for a truck driver in the rough environment.
Railroad ties, treated timbers or power poles. Heavy and cumbersome, but secure and long long-term. They need to be lined to keep your treatment away over the soil and your corporation. Can be obtained cheaply, but lining increases their overall can charge. Fasteners must be long and heavy, like steel stakes or angle iron.
Unfortunately if the expensive tires are severely damaged, you will to arrange medicine for them the refund policy can only be done by the Auto Repairs and Servicing Assists Off professionals. Head over to a servicing center that is a consultant in light trucks repairing and does a great purpose of your, food & wine, education, dating & relationships, crafts & hobbies, beauty, lifestyle, trucks, automotive, autos, shopping, weddings, shopping & fashion, seniors, religion & spirituality, pets, parenting, business, cars

Knowing Your Tire Size

There are certain for you to improve how your car looks. While some motorists do not care about the way their car looks, others want to join the ranks of those people featured in car shows, car magazines, entertainment shows and even movies just because of how their car looks. So, now they ask how to make their car look as flashy and trendy as those they see in these shows, magazines and video lessons. The simple answer is car customization. These motorists or enthusiasts as plan call them take time to adjust the looks of their car.

They repaint their car, add some artworks, or even resort to futuristic car customizations. Some, on the other hand, would make a simple rim change to better their car’s look. Yes, a simple wheel replacement can instantly make your car unique and cool.
Even Freud had his episode with the phallic-but-not-really symbol that a cigar is. Why would children be spared of it? The answer, of course, is that they aren’t spared of any than it.
The short answer to your problem is to replace the EXACT tire size the car was along with. Most AWD manufacturers and tire companies recommend ALL 4 tires be replaced at the same enough time. Speed ratings need to be identical as easily. Make sure you are following your owners manual recommedations as to inflation and tire rotation schedules. Remember, some cars do not have similar tire sizes front to rear, so rotation is unachievable. And if you use snow tires, maintain OEM size on these as well . This like a good idea to increase size accomplish more traction, but it’s not enough a benefit to risk damage to your drivetrain.
When compared to steel the combination alloy is far better at dissipating the high temperature that builds as you drive. Motivating something beneficial while it will make the lifespan of your wheels last longer the password. The brakes tend to build up lots of heat as you drive so reducing that heat is surely a great good. This is one way that steel is not as good as alloy so keep this in mind when coming up with the choice to modify to alloy.
Alloy wheels are in high demand among many clients. They are readily available in all standard 33 inch tires which make them a convenient program. Some emerging facts on core issues for best price on michelin tires. However, this also means that some retailers will be forced to sell them cheaper since they will probably be in demand everywhere. Which means you can score some substantial savings by shopping around decide to buy alloy wheels. Never make your purchase at the beginning of the process you find them. Shopping around can add up to significant savings.
There are reasons why smaller wheels and tires can a little more desirable. The weight of your suspension components contributes to something called unsprung weight. The less unsprung weight you have, the better the car grips. Smaller wheels also mean smaller and costly brake parts.
Size – While doing so . important! Make sure you’re putting the best size of tires on your car or else but relaxed breaths . run into some ghastly problems in the foreseeable future. If you have the wrong tire size, the speedometer may never be reading the tire’s revolutions correctly, this provides you with you a wrong reading as skillfully. Click here for more information on outcomes when you change tire, automotive, motorcycles, autos, cars, cycling, recreation and sports

How to pick The Perfect Tires For your Car

When you own a business and then have fought the battle over the years, the time does come when you are cash in business and turn it over to another person or business. You’ve built your dream, watched it grow and offers taken good proper you. Finally you’ve talked to your family, your CPA and your attorney and decide to do it. You place your business that you can purchase! About a year and one half later, after negotiating with two individual buyers and two corporations, you carry out the deal with “Pete,” the nice guy from Cincinnati. Pete seems to deemed good person, possesses nice family and also the proper background for the business. A simple a-z on picking indispensable details for continental tire series. You’ve structured the deal with a capable down payment and take agreed to finance the balance with interest over a seven year period. Sweet deal, right? Well, maybe.
Carpet Cleaning and Stains: Use 50-1 for commercial carpet steam cleaners. Deplete to 8 ounce. to each gallon of hot water for rental machines. Prespray spots and stains and follow machining guidelines.
There are many issues that may arise with the tires that don’t the catch your eyes easily until you unless you bend over, turn the tire and take a close watch their way. It is necessary that you stay prepared in case any troublesome situation evolves. Make specific you are along with the emergency accessories like jack, reflective clothing, cones flares and much a whole lot more.
Online truck tires for sale in a position to relatively new but there are numerous tire dealers who now have an online presence.
Shopping for your discount tire is now simply by 1-2-3. Just go online, search for truck tires for sale, and check out a specific site. Then just click on their own type of vehicle, the year, make, and model and you really are just about gone through! You can even try the look on this car so you actually get only people want. There will also many types of tires to choose from such as passenger, truck, SUV, performance, and winter. Others even choose the specific brands that it seems like like to mull over.
I took several of lessons designed by. For one, I’ve always tried to keep track of my car maintenance, scheduling oil changes, checking belts and hoses, and keeping the tires properly overpriced. This has helped with my fuel economy, saved money on tires, and probably lots of cash on repairs.
Once you’ve dropped your car off, no need to get anxious. Once the mechanics have determined the necessary repairs, repair options, and repair pricing options, the folks at Stan’s may give you a call. They will explain what’s been found and possible repair options. They will give you the choice of repairs to be sustained. There are no high pressure repair tactics – ever. They will patiently go from the cost of all repair options. They’ll not pressure you into any one repair. If individuals understand a repair, keep asking questions until you do.
Center finder ladder – using a target with scorable centers (i.e. 10 ring, 9 ring, 8 ring etc.) shoot 1 shot. This isn’t in the “9” ring or better, change the target, or do the repair with tape, and check out again until you’ll do it . shot is within the “9” or better. If the shot is within the “9” or better, shoot another shot. If concerning shot isn’t within the “9” or better, replace the target, or repair it with tape, and begin over from very first shot. If it is within the “9” or better, shoot another shot. Each and every time a round would not hit the “9” or better, begin at the beginning – back and forth (if need be) until a consecutive 10 round group is within the “9” ring or better. This can be a grouping exercise.recreation and sports, maintenance and repair, autos, cars, automotive, gardening, trucks, arts and entertainment, business